Monday, July 11, 2011

Watching the Garden Grow

It's been a while since a garden update, but a lot has changed in the past few weeks. We just took a long weekend trip up to the White Mountains so we were pleasantly surprised that no animals had eaten the fruits of our labor so far. I had spotted a deer shortly before we planted the garden and we have also seen our local wild turkey family checking out the pumpkin patch. As long as they stick to eating ticks and bugs they're cool with us. 
Oh, hai turkeys.

July 1st.. lettuce and carrots beginning to pop up.

and July 10th.. as you can see we need to do some thinning out, but the lettuce is starting to look edible and the carrots are pretty hearty now. We also have seen several blossoms on the squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and pepper plants. The eggplant hasn't changed much since planting. The herbs are thriving and we had fresh basil on our tomato & mozzarella sandwiches last night.

I see baby lettuce salad on the menu in the near future.

A cute cucumber flower.

Yay, tomato!

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