Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Say Can You See?

W was recently diagnosed with Astigmatism in both eyes, and mild lazy eye, and therefore was prescribed glasses. We suspected for a while that he needed glasses, but looking back I wish I took him to the eye doctor a lot earlier. At his annual checkup, he flunked the vision chart and they said to make an appointment with an Optometrist.

The Optometrist was great with him but said that W really needed to see a specialist to get a prescription for glasses. So after a referral and weeks of waiting, he finally got to the Ophthalmologist and did well for the first part of the exam.  However, once it came time for them to dilate his eyes with drops he freaked out and we had to reschedule for the following week since the doctor, nurses and myself were unable to convince him to cooperate. The first drops stung his eyes so I think he was afraid they would all feel like that and he went into fighter flight mode. So we got drops to bring home with us for the next appointment, and last week after much grumbling on W’s part, we succeeded enough to dilate the eyes. I was so happy it worked! And he was an angel at that appointment getting compliments from the doctor and nurses at how great he was behaving, as Jacob and I exchanged knowing glances of how hard it had been for us with him that morning! ;) They promised no drops at his next checkup so he is a happy camper now. He may need a temporary patch at some point but for now he’s getting used to his prescription.

the thinker

This week he got to go pick up his glasses. He has been great with them so far, knock on wood. He has had two playdates this week and he kept them on great despite climbing up on playscapes and swinging, and we got the protection plan for the glasses so if any accident does occur that will cover it. We went through Lenscrafters and they also had a sale of 50% off total purchase of lenses and frames for kids under 12, score!

The librarian recommended a book to W which he was not very receptive of initially but I caught him reading it anyway. It's called Why Do I Have to Wear Glasses? by Sandra L. Stuart. It was just what he needed to read, and of course since actually getting the glasses he notices a big difference and is happy he can see better.

Next up we need to get a referral for C, as the doctors highly recommended getting him checked out as well. Even though he is only 2 they can do a vision test with lights. Looking back I wish I did this earlier for W, but he has hid his vision problems well, he can swing a bat and hit a ball he throws in the air, and loves to read, but did always want to sit too close to the TV. So to other parents, just go to a local vision center as part of their health care routine to get kids checked out well before school (or homeschool) age. :) /end of my vision PSA

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