Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Reading

Last week while trying to beat the heat,we had a few playdates and attended a Science event at the library. The Mad Science program was drop in and W got to meet up with a friend afterwards and he really enjoyed seeing the experiments the "mad scientist" did. He showed how air pressure affects an egg in a beaker, and how electric blowers can hold up balls in the air, and used dry ice and bubbles to make some cool special effects.

the kids hold their ears during the air pressure demonstration

W has been keeping a reading chart for the summer reading club at the library and he's doing well with it. With reading chapter books it takes a bit longer to go through as many books as he did last year but he's reading something every day whether it's a picture book or chapter book so I'm happy with that. The librarians set up a wheel for the kids to spin each time they get to 10 more books and get a sticker and prize. W loves to go to the library anyway to play but this just adds to the appeal. He even wanted to go on Saturday after a birthday party, so now he is planning to read 10 more books before the next time we go. They are having an end of summer reading party at the end of August so that will be a fun wrap up. 

Lately W is still into the Magic Treehouse books and enjoys to do the little quizzes on the passport section of the web site for the series when he finishes the books. He also checked out one of the books from The Littles series, and I plan on introducing Flat Stanley pretty soon as well. We are also reading On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder as a family group read. 


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