Wednesday, December 30, 2009


oops, chasing the sled :D

We went sledding two times before Christmas (well, W and J did the sledding part while C and I played in the snow). W had never been before, and loved it. Last year with a newborn we hadn't gotten a chance to take him, but he surprised us and took right to it. The second day we had the opportunity to meet up with several homeschoolers and all the kids enjoyed sledding despite the cold weather (the Moms on the other hand got cold quickly!) C liked sitting in the snow although it was pretty cold so after a while he got fussy both times. Now that most of the snow is gone here I am finally getting a chance to upload pictures. It is still extremely cold out however. ;) W cannot wait for a storm that will provide the elusive "snowman snow" as this stuff was very fluffy and did not pack into snowballs or men at all.
We had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed our family parties. Between C's first birthday being in early December and then preparing for the holidays the whole month seemed to fly. I can hardly believe that it is almost 2010! Have a happy New Year! I have learned a lot this past year and now we are unschooling for preK. I look forward to all that this year brings in our homeschooling journey.