Tuesday, December 13, 2011

math & wrapping up some code

Lately for Math W has preferred to work on the floor instead of at the table. It is a bit harder for him to focus when there are toys in the room, but for the MUS blocks it makes pick up much easier and I am not sweeping (as many) blocks out from under the kitchen table. W finished Chapter 8 (Solving for the Unknown) and we will be squeezing in Chapter 9 before/during the holidays, 9A section today.

As for Explode the Code 1 1/2, W has only a few short pages left but it seems like the last stretch is taking so long. He likes some aspects of it, but loathes writing. W still needs to work on using lowercase letters more often since he prefers to speedily write in all CAPS. We will start up Explode the Code 2 in January, and have a couple of other grammar/phonics books to work in as well. Today he wrote a short letter to his great-grandmother in FL. I should encourage him to write more letters. That gives him more of a purpose, not to mention it is more fun sending real mail.

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