Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy birthday C!

Happy 3rd birthday to my little C! :) He is such a cutie and is growing by leaps and bounds. He loves listening to stories now and often picks out 3 or 4 at a sitting. C loves our Christmas tree (and rearranging ornaments). Poor little guy got an injury while outside playing during our FIAR co-op on Monday, so his boo boo has changed colors many times but is gradually getting better. He plays tough, no one gets in his way-- not even a rock. :)

We spent part of the day rearranging books and book cases so we can fit the puppy crate up on the loft near the boys bedroom. They are getting excited and we are learning together about how to care for puppies. One major thing will be making sure they pick up their toys unless they want the dogs to get at them.

C got many nice gifts from my aunt, uncle, cousins, his grandparents, auntie, and W made him a special lift the flap card. Julie visited for present time and we did errands. Tomorrow we are having a small party to celebrate his day so he'll get to see his cousins and friends.

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