Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sturbridge Village

Last Friday we took advantage of the Fun Free Friday at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA. Unfortunately, so did everyone else. Despite the crowds, the kids had a great time visiting their Connecticut cousins and uncle whom we met up with there, and they had fun at the playground.

A, C, S & W with their leaves

They could have cared less about many of the houses, although they put up with us adults long enough to walk through a couple of the homes. The kids all did a lot of walking around as it is a pretty large living history museum.

Interior view of one of the rooms, this was an original painting uncovered by removing numerous layers of wallpaper from this house. 

Blacksmith Shop

C had a good view

Towards the end of our afternoon there we spent a while at the blacksmith shop and that interested W and many of the little kids intently watching as they explained what they were making. One of the blacksmiths said about 40% of the things they make are items used in the village there. He also said that back in the 1830's most things they would have made would be repairs for existing tools.

Next time we might plan to go on a normal weekday as it would have been more enjoyable overall. Hopefully when the boys get a little older they will also appreciate the history a bit more. It was nice to visit in nice weather in the summertime when there is more to see, our past few visits had been during the colder fall & winter months which are nice in their own respect.

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