Friday, August 19, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Since W was 5 months old, we had been taking him to a local Hot Air Balloon festival put on by the Hudson,  MA Elks Club. We missed last year due to renovating our new home, but last weekend we headed back down for the festival and went with my parents and sister who also enjoyed seeing the balloons. The price has gone up, now at $6 per adult, but I believe all the proceeds still go to a scholarship fund for local kids. The first year we went I think it was the 1st annual balloon fest, so it has grown quite a bit since we started going.

Here is a flashback to W his first balloon fest:
Ahh.. bucket seat days. "Why did you take me here, Mom?" He could care less. 

He is a little more impressed these days.

You can really feel the heat!

Can you spot seven balloons?

Balloon man! Very cool.

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