Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Visit to Ft. Sumter

On Memorial Day W and I were interested in going to see Ft. Sumter, and the chance to go on a ferry ride to get there sounded pretty appealing as well. Above is a view of the fort from Charleston. It does not appear very big at all.

View from the top of the fort, all of the crumbling brick walls are original.

It took about a half hour to get there by ferry, and we had about 45 minutes at the fort to tour around. We opted not to listen to the tour guide since it was very hot and crowded, W said he would rather walk around and see and read things for himself.

The building materials for some walls included local shells  

W said seeing the original cannons was his favorite part of our tour

W is a little young to know very much about the Civil War, although we have learned a bit about slavery and the underground railroad this year. We picked out a book about Children in the Civil War which shares some of the lesser known stories of children affected by that war, and it is a good introduction of this part of American History for younger children. 

W enjoying the book on the return Ferry ride

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