Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Railroad Ride

3 modes of transportation

Earlier this month on our road trip we spent a couple of days in Lancaster County, PA. A couple of years ago we vacationed here and enjoyed it so much we wanted to go back to some of the same places we saw, including the Strasburg Railroad and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. This time we showed up early in the day so we started off at the Choo Choo Barn to see their amazing model railroad display. It is a large room devoted to the intricate display of trains mixed with miniatures and local references.

waving to the conductor

After visiting the shops, we got a picnic lunch of sandwiches and ate at the picnic area near the station before our train ride. We later boarded the train, and enjoyed the pace of the old fashioned “steamie”. We stopped off at the picnic area along the train route which gave them an hour or so to play at the playground. This spot seems to be mostly visited by local Amish and Mennonite families (of which there were many about, we were there on Ascension Day which is a big holiday for them). There were several horses and buggies parked in a special section of the parking lot.

The boys are still mildly obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine (especially C) so they both enjoyed the ride and seeing the trains up close. Thomas wasn’t there in person..or.. uh.. Train, but at the station there was a smaller ride on Thomas they loved seeing. We will be going to Day Out With Thomas next month in NH, so they will get another choo choo fix soon.

a coach like we rode on

at the museum

overview of the RR Museum from a central walkway

We got the train/ museum combined pass which I recommend especially if you or family members enjoy learning about trains. As I was taking pictures of the boys on a train (with Jacob) I had comments that it would be hard to get them down, and it was true, they could have stayed up there all day. The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania had added a large area with a kid friendly play space and displays since we last visited. W & C also got to hear their names in Morse Code and visit an area set up to look like a telegraph office circa 1900.

They both took a big nap after this busy day! More Amish Country adventures coming up in our next post. 

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