Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mid Feb update :)

W finished reading Farmer Boy and despite both boys having colds we have been continuing our usual homeschooling routines the past week minus the whole playdate thing, hoping to see our friends again soon! We celebrated Laura Ingalls Wilder's birthday on Monday and made little maple cakes from the My First Little House Cookbook. The cake part was sweetened with maple syrup and W loved them. C loved the icing, also maple based. W also read a lot of the My First LH books that day. During our book club meeting a couple of weeks ago we watched the Almanzo Wilder documentary I mentioned in a previous post, which was produced by the multi talented Dean Butler who played "Manly" on the TV series. The kids ages 9-2 enjoyed it, and the Moms as well!

I am so so tempted to go to the Wayside Inn's ice harvesting demonstration this Saturday in Sudbury, MA. It would be very interesting to see the old fashioned way of "making" ice just like in Farmer Boy.

Last week we "rowed" Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews. It was first published in 1985 and is set in Ungava Bay, Canada. Upon looking up the map to give W a point of reference I was blown away at how far east Ungava Bay is (the link can show you the location on google maps).W made a booklet on the Inuit people and we found some printable resources online through I love that site.

W watched the NOVA special How Smart Are Animals? which aired last night on PBS and he was absorbed. He told me he especially liked the octopus and how it "blends in" to its environment to camouflage itself. It was fascinating to see how quickly it could hide from predators. I had tuned in to watch the show myself but I was happily surprised that W enjoyed it so much.


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