Monday, January 24, 2011


It is the coldest day in about 6 years here in New England (therefore the coldest day in W's life so far). Our original plans to play in the snow were dashed as a result because I don't want anyone to get frostbite. W is working on a writing book and I am trying to remind him to write some thank you notes. His writing is slowly improving but he prefers to write in all capitals. I can see a big difference from the fall when the letters were all different sizes, now they are more uniform so he is getting there. He is chugging along with Math-U-See, and is now almost done with chapter 19 of the Primer. I should probably begin researching the next steps for this program so that we will have something to continue with this spring and summer.

Appropriately this week we will be reading Reuben and the Blizzard by Merle Good and P. Buckley Moss as a faux five in a row. It is a book we bought when we took a trip to Pennsylvania's Amish country in 2009. Our book club was rescheduled to this Friday due to last Friday's snowstorm. We only have a couple more chapters of Farmer Boy as our read aloud as well so he should be done by Friday and we will watch the Almanzo Wilder documentary with our homeschool book group. It is available through the childhood home of Almanzo in Malone (Burke, NY).

Over the weekend the boys got to visit with their cousin & uncle and go to a bookstore which was a nice treat for all of us. On Sunday we were signed up to bring the food for coffee hour at church and that went off well (kind of glad to have the stress of that done with) and we enjoyed bible study in the evening as they provide a babysitter and we got to hear the band rehearse too. :)

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