Friday, October 23, 2009

falling leaves

W had storytime again today, they read a book about a moose and then made a "ghost moose" craft. Next week they will be trick or treating at the town hall so I will have to remember to dress the kids in costumes that day. I am still working on W's tree I haven't had time to finish but I will have to this weekend. The local Borders also has an event tomorrow so if we have time we may go to that so it is an incentive to finish the costume soon! Next Thursday is our town trick or treat so I am hoping the kids aren't completely wiped out by Halloween, we are going to CT to see the cousins that day.

C clapped his hands together for the first time on Wednesday. He is growing up too fast for me, I am trying to savor all these baby firsts. He loved holding onto a leaf from the yard today, it is so nice how such simple things can keep him happy sometimes. I just had to make sure he didn't try to eat it! :)

We have not been focusing too closely on the themes of the week the past two weeks so I feel like I need to get organized again, although they have been doing a lot of fall themed things lately. The kids have been keeping pretty busy between playdates and library days. It was nice to have all of the cousins over yesterday to celebrate a birthday. The kids had a great time and they all play well together.

We got Hooked On Phonics (PreK) on sale so W has started with that and enjoys the books that came with it very much. I am impressed with the DVD and it is quite entertaining to the younger kids too since it has a song about each letter.

Here are a few of our favorite Halloween themed books:

"Joey the Jack-O-Lantern" by Janet Craig
"Say Boo" by Lynda Graham-Barber and Barbara Lehman
"The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat" by Stan & Jan Berenstain
"Where is Baby's Pumpkin?" by Karen Katz

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