Saturday, August 1, 2009

How I Will Use This Blog

While Beth will handle almost all of the day-to-day management for the little mens' homeschool, I will also be involved in various ways. I have ideas for several projects I'd like to drive (mostly when they are a bit older), and in general I hope to be a substantial influence in their education. We're excited to start a homeschool; perhaps most exciting for me is to have the opportunity to learn alongside our boys. I hope that their homeschooling experience will be largely self-directed with few boundaries, and that problems and projects will be open-ended. That is, I want learning for them to be an adventure, and a collaborative one at that involving the whole family.

There are several topics on which I plan to post. Some will be personal, and some will be more philosophical. I will try to use a labelling system to keep track of the different types of posts:

  • blog updates or thoughts on blogging (meta)
  • ideas for tools, techniques, or projects to use in the homeschool (schoolidea)
  • reviews of books (bookreview)
  • planning or discussion of curriculums (curriculum)
  • reasons to prefer homeschooling to other forms of schooling (whyhomeschool)
  • philosophical thoughts on education and learning (armchairphilosophy)

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