Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting started

We have pretty much always known we wanted to homeschool our kids. It has always been a mutual agreement between my husband and I. So now that our eldest Will is 4 and is going into the preK school year this fall, we are beginning to develop a schedule to homeschool him and try to cover all the basics but in a fun, non structured sort of way so that he can take the lead and mainly learn through play. Will knows all his letters now for upper and lower case, but now we are working on letter sounds and combinations, so I am working on making our own curriculum from a template inspired by the Brightly Beaming Resources Sound of the week plan.

I am very new to the world of homeschooling blogs and at times it is overwhelming at how much is out there. Now I know after a bit of searching it is easy to find inspiration for anything from arts & craft projects to early math, phonics, and even organization (the work box system is looking pretty good to me). Of course, once we begin we will figure out what works for us.

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