Monday, June 25, 2012

The Basin

After attending the NH Porcupine Liberty festival over the weekend we didn't have much time before we had to start heading home, but we wanted to stop and see something while we were in the White Mountains region. So, we decided to go to the Basin. There is a small plaque stating that Henry David Thoreau visited there and wrote about it. I bet he swam in it too, although there are "no swimming" signs there now. Pshaw. ;)

The boys were troopers camping during a severe thunder and lightning storm. We had a small 3 person tent which had a rather large puddle and damp sleeping bags the next morning. I assured W that usually camping is not like this and can be a lot of fun, hopefully next time we have better weather. At least during the days the weather was clear and they had fun playing games and on the playground.

a flower from C :)

Another family found a butterfly perhaps affected by the rain, and showed it to the boys

having some fun

a pretty view

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