Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The morning after the snowstorm I only got a couple shots before my camera battery died. Our yard looked so strange with all the leaves in the snow! We had a few branches down but thankfully no serious damage.

The past week we have been recovering from a bad virus, and we still have coughs/runny noses so we have had to postpone our co-op activities until next week. Last week we were affected by the October storm that hit New England and our power was out from Saturday evening until Wednesday morning. It wouldn't have been too bad since we still had heat, but with all of us being sick it made it tougher. We are very thankful to live in this modern age. And I am thankful that the boys made me laugh every day despite our troubles. Thank you Julie for sending us food when we were sick! The boys loved it. Julie came to visit today on her day off and we did a few errands. That was really nice and much needed. So we are back to the land of the living now.

W has been getting back into his Math-U-See routine (now on Ch 7) and working on workbooks and the Story of the World activities. Now that my voice is better we have been reading more chapters aloud from The Long Winter by L.I. Wilder. How fitting that we read the October Blizzard chapter after our own storm. ;) I just hope our winter this year won't be that bad.

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