Monday, September 12, 2011

Paw Sox Game

The Paws bears and our family

Last Monday, we went to the last regular season game of the season for the Pawtucket Red Sox in Rhode Island. They were in first place so they are headed into the playoffs, and the team has been doing really well so lots of fans turned out for the game. This is pretty far for us to travel, but I had won tickets at a concert and we had spent the weekend on Cape Cod so going from there made more sense.

The boys had a great time when we went to the Fisher Cats game for their homeschool night a few months ago, so we were hoping for good behavior this time around. C played with Zoodles on my phone for a while which helped to keep him entertained. Snacks helped too. They didn't do as much in between innings compared to the Fisher Cats, but at the end all the players were announced and they threw balls up to the crowd. (edit: fyi, these were soft stuffed baseballs, not the real thing! ;)) A lady in the crowd was nice enough to share two extras she had gotten with our little guys. Minor league games are a great way to introduce kids to going to baseball games!  

This time we sat behind the net and got a pretty good view.

watching the game

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