Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reading Together: Little House

W is currently reading Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I am so happy he likes it! Even if he scoffs it when he is older I will treasure these memories with him. This is the book for spring for our homeschool book club which meets next week. He is now able to read full chapter books on his own, but we are doing this book as a family read aloud so we often read together and take turns reading a page at a time out loud. It is so neat to re-read this book in a new way for me and see it through different eyes. Occasionally we watch episodes of the show (keeping in mind that a lot of the things in the show differ greatly from the books and real life.) But we enjoy it anyway for what it is. ;) 

In case I haven't mentioned it enough on this blog, I love Laura Ingalls Wilder, her books, history & home sites. I recently bought the book The Wilder Life by Wendy McClure, which is a hilarious romp through modern day Little House culture. It isn't meant for kids, although teens into the world of LH may appreciate it, and Moms definitely will. Wendy also has a blog and book tour so check out her site! The World of Little House by Carolyn Strom Collins is a book that young readers would enjoy, and it is available used on Amazon. If you and your child wants to learn about the real-life history of Laura Ingalls, I highly recommend visiting Nansie Cleaveland's brilliant Pioneer Girl website and blog. Also the Beyond Little House website is a wonderful resource. It makes me want to visit all the LH sites again, hoping to when C gets a bit older! 


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