Thursday, May 13, 2010

Homeschooling Book fair in Framingham

We are looking forward to attending the AHEM Book fair and celebration of homeschooling in Framingham tomorrow evening, Friday May 14th. They will have events all throughout the day. Here is a link to a flyer with a voucher to support AHEMAdvocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc., if you happen to be in the area tomorrow. Their web site is a great resource for homeschoolers in MA.

W is excited that Spot the dog will be there, and I am sure C will love him as well. I am hoping to stay late enough to hear Pat Farenga speak (if C cooperates), but plan on picking up a copy of his book either way. 


  1. I just followed your link from LJ. Did you get to hear Pat Farenga speak? I heard him at the OHEN conference in March. He wasn't the most prepared speaker, but he had good stories to tell.

  2. We did get to hear Pat Farenga, although W needed a bathroom break in the middle so I missed part of it. He did have some interesting stories! I was glad to see a pretty good turnout there as well.